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Elementary Season 2 – The Diabolical Kind – Trailer

Elementary, Season 2, Episode 12 - The Diabolical Kind

As Sherlock recounts the purity of his ways convictions, a crime unfolds and results in the kidnapping of a young girl. As the gang of criminals await word from Moriarty, Sherlock and Watson are shocked to get an unexpected visitor. It turns out that the young girl is Moriarty’s daughter and rather than being the perpetrator of the crime, Sherlock realises that she is actually one of the victims. As Moriarty opens up to Sherlock about her daughter, Sherlock suddenly finds himself wondering if a connection could still be forged between them and an injured Moriarty answers Sherlock’s questions before allowing him to turn her in to the police Check out several trailers below for this gripping episode of the second season of Elementary The Human Connection Moriarty’s Word Moriarty Strikes The Old Rotary Relocated Moriarty’s Surrender Being Good

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Elementary Season 2 – Poison Pen – Trailer

Elementary Season 2, Episode 4 - Poison Pen

When the CEO of a financial consulting company is poisoned to death, Holmes and Watson are called upon to track down the killer and someone from Sherlock’s past enters the frame as a possible suspect. Checkout the trailer below for the latest case for Holmes and Watson in Elementary season 2.

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Elementary Season 2 – Solve For X – Trailer

Elementary Season 2, Episode 2 - Solve for X

With the second season of Elementary now under way, here is the trailer for episode 2, entitled Solve For X. Sherlock and Watson get involved when a well respected mathematician is found dead and the key to his death may lie in the mathematical equation he was going to great lengths to decipher. Will this numerical nightmare become Sherlock’s greatest problem. As the body count rises and still with no proof or motive, Holmes and Watson are fighting against time to identify the killer.

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Sean Pertwee to Play Lestrade in Elementary Season 2

Sean Pertwee

Not satisfied it seems with landing one big star in the shape of Rhys Ifans who will play Sherlock’s brother Mycroft in season 2 of Elementary, the show has landed a second impressive name. Sean Pertwee has been named as the actor who will play the famous Lestrade in the second season of Elementary which premieres on September 26th.

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Rhys Ifans to Play Mycroft Holmes in Elementary Season 2

Rhys Ifans

It has been announced that Amazing Spiderman’s Rhys Ifans will play Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft in the upcoming second season of hit TV series Elementary. Mycroft will appear in the opening episode of the second season which is being filmed in London due to the fact that Sherlock has to return to London to revisit an old case and while they are there, he and Watson stay with Mycroft at his home at 221b Baker Street. Both Lucy Liu who plays Watson and Jonny Lee Miller who plays Sherlock have worked with Rhys before and both are said to be excited at the prospect of working with him again.

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